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Summer Camp Structure

WEEK 1: Monday, July 15th- Thurs, 18th, 2024
 Monday, July 22nd- Thurs, 25th, 2024

When you register your child for a Summer Social camp, you are enrolling your child in a 4 day (Monday through Thursday), half a day camp. Each day includes small group intervention and "full camp" activities.  During our first day together,  lessons introducing key Social Thinking concepts and strategies related to a weekly theme will be discussed.  Then, kid-tested games and activities strengthen learning and provide more opportunities for practicing strategies and trying them in new settings.  


1-2 weekly outings give campers “real world” experience in applying the concepts and strategies taught on fun outings around Vancouver. Treatment goals are set by the directors, with input from campers and staff, based on individual need.  Progress is tracked throughout the camp and during weekly Parent Talk Time, caregivers review the current targets, ask questions and discuss progress in order to support these new skills away from camp.

We offer two weeks of camp and families are welcome to register for one week OR both. We vary the activities, outings and field trips each week for any campers who register for both weeks. 

Little Campers

Ages 5-8 from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

All our campers come to the same location but our young campers will attend the Little Campers session located in a separate space onsite.The curriculum taught will be tailored to our Little Campers. We will enjoy a combination of small and combined group activities and lessons focused on learning about ourselves and others, and communicating. Campers will participate in 1-2 outings around Vancouver.

Big Campers

Ages 9-13 from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

All our campers come to the same location but our older campers will attend the Big Campers session with their own space separate from our younger campers.  The curriculum taught will be tailored to our Little Campers. Activities and instruction focus on communication, personal responsibility, and self-management skills essential for fostering independence. Campers will participate in 1-2 outings around Vancouver. 

Higher Needs

Children requiring behavioural support are assigned a 1:1 behavioural interventionist and matched into a small group of peers with a skilled group leader.  All Summer Social Behaviour Interventionists have prior training on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

There is an additional $375/week per child fee to cover the cost of additional staffing for higher needs campers.


Parent Talk Time

Times TBD

 Our Parent Talk Time is held once for each week long summer camp via zoom in order to accomodate as many parents as possible.  During Parent Talk Time, caregivers have the opportunity to meet with the directors and program managers to review learning goals, lesson content, cueing strategies, and individual progress.


Attendance at Parent Talk Time is essential for supporting new skills away from camp in order to continue with your child's growth. We ask caregivers to attend one session per week their child is at camp.

Camp Outings

Camp outings happen 1-2 times per week! Outings will be confirmed two weeks before camp starts.













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