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Can I use AFU Funding?

Yes you can! If using AFU funding, an RTP will be provided in the registration package.  The RTP will be submitted at time of registration in order to ensure no delays of payment when camp begins. The cost of camp will be billed to the AFU account at the conclusion of the camp.  A $250 deposit is required at time of registration to confirm your child's spot in camp. This will be refunded once full payment has been received from MCFD.

How many campers are there at one time?

On the first day of Summer Social, each child will be matched in a group of 3-4 kids, with one 'pod leader' for that group.  There are no more than 30 campers at one time. 

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We have lots of campers wanting to attend Summer Social. Your deposit ensures that you will be sending your child to camp and confirms their spot.  For those paying with Autism Funding, it helps ensure a smooth payment process.

Can I send my Behaviour Interventionist to camp?

Yes! We do require any Behavioural Interventionists who will be joining us to attend all staff trainings. The camp director will collaborate with your family's behaviour consultant on a version of the home behaviour plan that will work for camp.

Do I need to pay a deposit if I am not using AFU Funding?

No, we require a deposit only for campers paying with AFU. For families paying privately, the full cost of camp is due at time of registration.

How do I know if my child is a good candidate?

If your child has has trouble with friendships at school, is bullied, shy, has difficulty reading different social cues and understanding the perspectives of others, then yes, this camp is a good fit! We have other campers who will be attending for the very same reasons. 

Does my child need a diagnosis to attend camp?

No! This is not a requirement to attend Summer Social.  Though many of our campers have a diagnosis, not all of them do. 

Is this really therapy?

Yes! Summer Social is a fun AND educational camp where  campers are taught skills in a structured and supported setting. Our skilled staff provide support and cueing for our campers in order to help them apply the learned concepts in a variety of different settings and social situations. Camp is hard work for students who find social situations challenging. 

Do I need to attend Parent Talk Time?

It is not required but strongly recommended!  It is important that parents and other caregivers learn the concepts and strategies along with their children in order to  support their use of new skills at home and school.

What are the outings?

Outings are fun opportunities for our campers to practice the skills they are learning at camp in different settings. Outings vary and will be determined closer to the camp start date. If there are any concerns about the outings, please send us an email! 

Are there 'neurotypical' kids at camp too?

Yes! This is an inclusive camp open to all kids, regardless of diagnosis. We do our best to match campers by ability.  Our highest level campers are frequently matched with 'neurotypical' kids who attend camp.   Often, these are siblings of other campers.  If you are interested in sending more than one child, please let us know. 

Is Summer Social affiliated with anything?

We have some amazing partners in the community including the First Christian Reformed Church which we run our camp out of but we are not affiliated with anyone or any organization.

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